June 09, 1998 12:00 AM

It may take a bit of doing, but if you already have Ricky Martin at home, you can now get Christina Aguilera too. On CD, that is. The new duet by the recent PEOPLE coverboy, 29, and the “What a Girl Wants” girl, 20, called “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely,” was sent to American radio stations this week but not released as a commercial single, reports Even so, says the Web site, Columbia Records will make the song available to those who buy Martin’s new CD, “Sound Loaded.” The duet will reportedly be added to the next pressing of the album, replacing a version of the track that features Martin only. Until then, a CD single copy of the duet will be packaged with the album in versions already available in music stores. Those who’ve already purchased “Sound Loaded” can pick up the single as a download by putting the CD in their computer’s disc drive as proof of purchase — or, says, they can also send in a sticker on the jewel case to receive the single by mail.

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