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How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor

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In just one season, How I Met Your Mother’‘s Josh Radnor has fast established himself as primetime’s premier sensitive guy and über-romantic. As the lovestruck Ted Moseby on the CBS sitcom (Mondays at 8:30 ET/PT), Radnor, 32, has finally found his One – a sitcom that’s sticking. Still, for the Columbus, Ohio, native who’s survived being canceled – and replaced – being the poster child for the marrying kind does have its pitfalls. recently caught up with Radnor and got the scoop on his 10-year college reunion and some romantic tiptoeing.

Can you give us a little insight into the show?
Everybody asks me, “So, who’s the mother?” I don’t know. I think that is a rather silly concern, though we do have to accept some of the blame for calling it, How I Met Your Mother, a title that obviously promises something. The show can be watched without [knowing].

How is this season different?
Ted is more relaxed this year. Maybe that is because he is with Robin, which seems to have mellowed him out a bit.

You have become a poster boy of romantic commitment. Has that changed your own ideas about love?
While I think I am a pretty nice guy, I have never personally used the term “The One.” Whenever someone uses that term, I cringe a little. My view of romance is a little more complex than that. I have never been the guy who says, ‘Hey let s have a big relationship.’ I tend to tiptoe into them and then I realize, “Wait, this is pretty great. This is nothing to be scared of.”

What did you during your summer hiatus?
I went to my 10-year college reunion, which was interesting. Everyone was really excited for me. Seems like they had all been watching the show. Of course – and this is very Ted Moseby – I was seated at a table with three married couples, all of whom had kids, one woman who was pregnant and another one who was engaged.

So when is all that going to happen for you?
I am 32 and I am not involved with anyone right now. I wish that my personal life wasn t stacked up against this [show] because, well, I don’t know who I am going to marry. Maybe I will never get married, America. How do you like that?

Radnor (center) and his Mother costars Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan