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Paul Chi
April 10, 2011 06:15 PM

It’s been a happily-ever-after two years of domestic bliss for newlyweds Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan – not least because of Tatum’s courteous behavior around the house.

“I hope I’m a good husband. I always put the toilet seat down,” the G.I. Joe star, 30, told PEOPLE with a laugh at a recent New York screening of HBO’s Earth Made of Glass, a documentary that he and Dewan executive produced (and which will air again on April 27).

“I grew up with women,” he added, “so I would get in big trouble if I didn’t put the toilet seat back down. It’s been ingrained in me.”

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Dewan, 30, confirms that Tatum just gets it. “He’s a really understanding husband,” she says. “He’s very compassionate. He grew with all women, so he understands where girls are coming from and what our needs are.”

Tatum returns the compliment. “She’s the perfect wife,” he says of Dewan. “She’s so loving and a beautiful lady inside and out.”

When it comes to household chores, Tatum says they’re equally divided. “Even though my clothes are literally everywhere, she’s actually the messier one,” he says. “But Jenna does pick up the clothes and does the laundry. I’m more of the kitchen guy, and I vacuum and keep the desk organized. So, we split it down the middle.”

As for the love and romance, it’s all about the small gestures. “We work at it. We do something to make each other feel special,” says Dewan. “I try to give him a kiss or a hug, and tell him ‘I love you’ every day, and he does the same for me.”

Adds Tatum: “One of the best parts of being married is coming home and just sitting on the couch with her. Knowing that she will be there and that she understands me and I can tell her about my day, it’s really nice.”

Working together as producers on the Rwandan genocide documentary Earth Made of Glass was also a smooth process for the couple, who were married in July 2009.

“We love each other, and we live together, so we talk about things all the time, so it was natural for us to produce together,” says Tatum. “She can always play devil’s advocate. So, I will be like, ‘Alright, I see that side.’ There’s not a person in the world that knows me better, so we make a great team.”

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