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Housewife Marcia Cross: I'm Not a Lesbian

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Following days of Internet rumors that one of the Desperate Housewives stars is planning to come out of the closet, Marcia Cross is officially denying that she’s gay.

Cross, who guest-cohosted The View from Los Angeles Wednesday, said she was puzzled by the rumors, which pegged her as the purportedly gay Housewife. “It’s very odd and I assume this is what comes of being 42 and single,” said the actress, who also starred in the ’90s TV soap Melrose Place. “I don’t know if they just needed to find a reason why I wasn’t married or – I mean, I’m not.”

“So you’re not a lesbian?” cohost Joy Behar asked.

“I’m not.” Cross clarified.

Rumors recently began circulating that one of the sexy Housewives was going to come out in a cover story for gay magazine The Advocate. By process of elimination, Internet gossips speculated that Cross was the most likely candidate.

The chatter reached such a fevered pitch that the actress’s publicist also issued a statement saying that the rumors are “completely untrue,” but the rep added that Cross is “very supportive of the gay and lesbian community.”