Courtesy of Julianne Hough
Tim Nudd
November 29, 2013 10:45 AM

One way to keep the drowsiness at bay on Thanksgiving? Just keep dancing!

A hilarious impromptu dance war erupted Thursday on Instagram among several Dancing with the Stars veterans, beginning with a throwdown between Derek Hough and his season 14 partner, Maria Menounos.

Early in the day, Hough, 28, posted a video of himself and his family, including sister Julianne, boogying down to’s “That Power” while preparing dinner. “The key to a great meal?? Dance while you cook!” he wrote.

Menounos, 35, took that as a challenge, and posted a pair of videos of herself and her family doing their own kitchen choreography to Flo Rida’s “Low.” She wrote: “Dear Hough Family Kitchen Dancers – the Greeks invented war. Get a load of me and my girls. #thanksgivingdancewars.”

Hough accepted the challenge with an arched eyebrow and a brief ditty on his acoustic guitar, and the battle was on.

Hough posted seven more dance videos, and Menounos five, including an impressive Britney Spears impersonation. And in the midst of all this, Mark Ballas and Amber Riley – who just won DWTS with Hough – joined the fray, posting their own family dance videos.

There was no clear winner in this round of dance wars, which can only mean one thing: Christmas should be interesting.

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