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Hollywood Madam: Books, Not Hooks

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Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has a new look and a new line of work. She plans to publish a book online by the end of the year. As for her former line of work, “I was the last of the last,” Fleiss told the Los Angeles Times about her place in the world’s oldest profession. “You can get anything you want now online.” The interview marked the first time that Fleiss has spoken publicly since her release from prison last September. Fleiss, whose high-end call-girl service reportedly charged some clients as much as $10,000 for a visit, served more than three years for her part in running the business. She also admitted to the Times that since her release she’s undergone plastic surgery on her lips, ears, eyes and breasts. “Being in prison with no skin care really does a number on you,” she said. “You’re out in that recreation yard with the sun beating down on you. It really ages you prematurely.”