Steve Helling
October 30, 2014 03:30 PM

It could be a scary Halloween for a Florida community – but not because of ghosts and goblins.

Feral hogs have run amok throughout the community of Suntree, a group of upscale homes near a wildlife area in Central Florida.

The porcine intruders, as large as 350 lbs. each, leave a trail of destruction in their wake – uprooting the manicured lawns, damaging fences and causing other messes (just use your imagination).

Although wild hogs generally attack humans only when cornered, law enforcement, concerned about how the animals could affect Halloween festivities, has hired licensed trapper James Dean to capture the hogs.

So far, he has caught 11 of them.

“They multiply like rabbits,” Dean tells ABC News. “It’s just totally impossible to keep them under control.”

Although rumors have circulated that the county is planning to ban trick-or-treating, authorities tell PEOPLE that will never happen.

“It’s a vicious rumor,” Don Walker, communications director for Brevard County, says with a laugh. “It’s taken on a life of its own. People just need to be cautious, but there’s no reason to cancel anything.”

The next step: Dean has a plan to chase the pigs back into the woods.

“I want to bring in the dogs,” he says, “so the kids can have their Halloween.”

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