Chancellor Agard
January 15, 2016 12:00 AM

Hillary Clinton stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday night, and Jimmy Fallon asked her one question: Does Donald Trump intimidate her?

Her answer, without any hesitation, “No.”

“If I’m so fortunate to be the Democratic nominee, obviously I’ll run against whoever they nominate,” the former Secretary of State, 69, continues. “But, if it’s Donald Trump, it’ll be quite the showdown.”

During Donald Trump‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Monday night, he told Fallon, “I’m winning against Hillary one on one–and I haven’t even started on her yet.”

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Fallon

Trump’s comments, however, don’t seem to phase Clinton, who admitted to Fallon that she didn’t watch Trump’s second visit to Studio 69. “He’s a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him,” she said laughing.

The former First Lady’s guest spot on The Tonight Show coincides with the GOP’s ninth primary debate, which is funny because the Republicans were having their second debate when she last on the show September.

“Is that a coincidence you think?” she jokingly asks Fallon, who responds, “I think you’re dodging watching these debates. You’ll do anything to not watch the Republicans debates.”

Normally, she’s not home when the GOP debates happen, which is fine, she says, because she “loves fast-forwarding.” When she and husband Bill Clinton finally do get around to watching the debates, there’s always a running commentary, from both of them.

Clinton also talked about how much getting endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund on Sunday means to her. “That was big because I believe so strongly that we have to fight against these efforts to undermine and demonize the work that Planned Parenthood does, and they know that I’ll fight for them and that’s exactly what I plan to do,” she says.

As he did with Trump, Fallon made Clinton go through a mock job interview for “the hardest job in the world.” After asking how she heard about “the job,” Fallon asked why she wanted to wanted it.

“I care about what happens to our country, and it means a lot to me to make sure that we keep producing good opportunities for people, help everybody have a chance to live up to their god given potential, and there’s more we can do and I want to try to make that happen for everybody,” she says.

Before closing out the interview, Clinton revealed one everyday annoyance. “You know what I really get annoyed by? [The iPhone’s] spell-check takes the word I’m trying to type and totally throws it out and puts something else in that has absolutely no meaning.”

See, Clinton is just like the rest us and ducking hates auto-correct.

On Sunday, Clinton, along with Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, will take part in the fourth Democratic debate being held in South Carolina.

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