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Hilary Swank's New Hairdo Unveiled

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Courtesy Harpo Productions

Hilary Swank has deemed her short new haircut, fashioned by Oprah Winfrey as part of a televised charity effort, to be a resounding success.

“If this talk-show-acting-producing stuff for you doesn’t work out, you have a whole new career in haircutting,” Swank told Winfrey on her talk show Friday, showing off Winfrey’s work with the shears – a stylish new cut that falls just to the nape of her neck.

“We know you can do everything,” Swank told the TV mogul. “But really, now you can cut hair like this?”

Swank, 33, had nine inches cut off and donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a group that makes wigs for women who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

The hair issue can be a difficult one for cancer patients. “Eight percent [of women with cancer] won’t get their potentially life-saving treatment because they don’t want to lose their hair,” Swank explained. “I thought, ‘Here’s my hair. Cut it off. Save your life!’ ”

After Winfrey’s first snip on Friday’s show, Swank exclaimed, “You just cut my hair! How did it feel?”

“Really good!” Winfrey replied.

Swank added that this particular charity hits close to home for her. “I’ve had a lot of people in my life, loved ones and friends who have been devastated by cancer,” she said. “I’m really thankful for my health, and I wanted to find a way to give back.”

For her part, Winfrey, 53, was happy to oblige. “I’m really honored to be one of the people that’s going to help you, and happy that you wanted to do it here,” she said.