Stephen M. Silverman
January 09, 2003 12:48 PM

James Hewitt, long ago dubbed the “love rat” for telling all about his five-year affair with Princess Diana, told Larry King on Wednesday night that he would sell her love letters.

Britain’s News of the World newspaper confirmed last month that Hewitt, 44, offered to sell the tabloid 64 love letters that Diana sent him during their relationship.

Hewitt reportedly wanted $16 million and claimed an American buyer had offered him nearly $6 million for 10 of the steamiest of the letters, the News said. Hewitt’s lawyer confirmed the story.

“Yes, I was interested when someone offered me a large sum of money,” Hewitt confirmed to King on CNN.

“And you would be interested if you got an offer tomorrow?” asked King.

“Yes, I would be,” Hewitt replied.

“But what you will do with the money you will not say?” King asked.

“An awful lot of good can be done with the money,” Hewitt answered. Asked if he would use it to “do a lot of good,” he replied that he would.

When King suggested that a museum might want to display them, Hewitt said, “Well, eventually, yes. Eventually. I think that’s quite important … But I’m open to suggestions, you know.”

Meanwhile, BBC News reported Thursday that the British Library is interested in the letters, though the asking price — $16 million was quoted — would be too high, said Dr. Christopher Wright, head of manuscripts at the library.

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