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Heroine Jessica Lynch Getting Married

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Good news for former PEOPLE covergirl Jessica Lynch: She’s getting married.

The injured 507th Maintenance Company Army private who went home Tuesday — and whose ordeal in Iraq has become a model of U.S. heroism — has been talking to her family about walking down the aisle with boyfriend Sgt. Ruben Contreras, a member of her unit who helped in her long recovery, notes New York’s Daily News.

Danielle Little, a cousin of Lynch’s, made the revelation Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” saying that she visited Lynch at Walter Reed Hospital just before her release. Asked what was discussed, Little replied: “Oh, just about her coming home and her getting married to Ruben.”

At that point Danielle’s father, Army Sgt. Dan Little, elbowed his daughter in the ribs — but he did say on TV that Contreras would literally have to wrestle his way into the family.

Said Dan Little, who, along with Jessica’s brother, Greg, had challenged Contreras: “He came right back at us, said, ‘I used to wrestle in high school.’ So we might have our work cut out for us.”

Jessica, 20, sported what family members called a promise ring on Tuesday when she spoke of her love for Contreras. “Ruben, you never let me give up,” the Army supply clerk said. “You’re my inspiration, and I love you.”