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Heroes (Spoiler Alert!): Was the Finale a Splat?

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Not to let anyone think I get off on the apocalypse, but the big showdown in Kirby Plaza last night was resolved with somewhat disappointing swiftness. I thought Peter and Sylar would be facing off with glowing red hands, like two angry lobsters in a tank, but Hiro killed Sylar without too much trouble, and then Peter’s brother, the amazing flying politician, swooped in and zoomed off with him up into the sky. A lovely supernova exploded high above the city, sparing mankind the detonation. We know Peter has the ability to regenerate, having absorbed the talent from Claire, so he’ll be back next fall, but what about Nathan? Has he been reduced to a small stratum of cosmic dust floating through the stratosphere? At any rate, the lesson was that a good heart has more value in saving society than being able to trout out your superpower. Okay: But then why bother with stories about superheroes? What about a new series called Supernice? If I’m being cranky, it’s only because the show has been so consistently entertaining. I suppose I wanted the world. Which makes me sound like a supervillain.