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Andrea Billups
April 12, 2013 01:00 PM

Ellen DeGeneres offered the perfect birthday present to supermodel Heidi Klum for her upcoming 40th – a red hat made out of a life preserver.

DeGeneres offered the hat to Klum, who appeared on the talk show Friday to talk about her harrowing experience in Hawaii last month where she saved her son, Henry, 7, and two nannies from dangerous waters while vacationing with her family and boyfriend Martin Kristen.

The America’s Got Talent judge said her pal Nancy was throwing a hat party to celebrate her 40th birthday on June 1. So DeGeneres delivered a gag chapeau, replete with net and seaweed ribbon trailing down the back.

“Forty is the new 30,” Klum, a mother of four, joked, looking fit in a black beaded mini dress and sandals that laced up her leg.

“I don’t really care,” about aging, Klum said. “I’m happy. When I get one year older it means we’re still here, having a good time.”

While DeGeneres noted Klum’s fondness for theme parties, Klum said this one wasn’t her idea. Now, however, the pressure was on to find just the right party hat for her big day.

“Everyone has to show up in a hat. So it’s all girlfriends of mine and everyone has to wear a crazy hat,” she shared. “So we’re all going to sit around with some great hats on, which I think is fun.”

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Joked DeGeneres of the hat she provided: “You can actually save people. You take it off and throw it.”

Said Klum, “I’m going to wear this with my red, new bathing suit.”

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