Shelley Akers
July 27, 2007 11:00 AM

Despite having one of the best bodies in the business, Heidi Klum says she has struggled with her weight.

“I was never a skinny, skinny type – the more I tried, the worse it was. I’d think about food more than ever,” the Project Runway host and judge, 34, tells Britain’s Easy Living magazine.

“They’d say ‘You have to lose weight’, and I’d be like, ‘All I can think about is muffins!’ ” she says. “I don’t want to get too skinny. I still want to have a round, womanly figure.”

The German-born mom of three (8-month-old Johan, Henry,1, and Leni, 3) and wife to singer Seal since 2005, claims that doing what makes you happy and being there for your children are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

She further admits to trying to cut carbs and candy to lose some pregnancy weight, but is “not a freak with working out and food.”

She admits, “I always eat the profiteroles. I eat the pasta when I want it.”

And who can tell? Klum is smoking hot in photos from the September issue of Arena magazine, which are burning up the Internet.

“I used to complain that I couldn’t seem to fit into the clothes for the edgy fashion shows, but I found my own path,” she says in the Arena article accompanying the very revealing pics.

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