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Heath Ledger at Play

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Down Under came out on top Monday night, as cast members of the movie “A Knight’s Tale” — Heath Ledger, Mark Addy and newcomer Shannyn Sossamon — turned out for a private New York screening of the 14th century period piece. Girlfriend Heather Graham did not accompany Ledger, 22, the Australian hunk from last year’s “The Patriot,” reports PEOPLE. But the actor did joke with the magazine about the attention now being paid to the supposed new wave of Australian actors who are hitting Hollywood shores, Hugh Jackman (“Someone Like You”) among them. “We are a specific breed,” insisted Ledger. “We are actually replicas . . . There are actually factories for actors in Australia, and we are preprogrammed.” Addy, Ledger’s beefy costar, who is actually English (he was seen, and then some, in “The Full Monty”), pulled a few legs with his comments, too. “Heath and I will do a horror movie,” Addy, 37, told PEOPLE, just as Ledger happened to be walking by. “Yeah, I’ll do a horror movie,” joked Ledger, as Addy added: “We haven’t thought of a title yet, we haven’t even thought of an idea, but we will do it, definitely.”