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Hayden Panettiere Loves the 'Little Things'

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Mark Sullivan/WireImage

One needn’t possess super powers to win the heart of Hayden Panettiere. The Heroes star tells PEOPLE she knows what she likes in a relationship.

“I think little things are what counts. I think flowers, or just little things that say they care,” Panettiere, 19, said on the red carpet before the fifth annual Fashion Rocks concert at Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall.

“When you wake up, and you’ve got a note posted on your mirror, and it says, ‘I love you, have a great day’ – that’s, like, the best.”

In fact, one certain boyfriend once took the note-writing to the extreme.

“One time, a boyfriend went out of town, and he left notes all over the house in places he knew I’d find them,” recalled Panettiere. “And they just said little things like, ‘I love you.’ And under my pillow, one said, ‘Sweet dreams.'”

Was this special messenger her current beau, costar Milo Ventimiglia?

“I don’t know,” Panettiere replied coyly. “I don’t think I’ve ever said I have a boyfriend.”

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