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Hasselbeck Announces Pregnancy on View

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“I’m nauseous,” The View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck declared on the ABC show Thursday – before she quickly added, “but I’m fine with that because it’s all for a good cause.”

The cause? A new baby.

As the studio audience went wild, Hasselbeck, 27, appeared onstage at the beginning of the show with cohosts Star Jones, Joy Behar and Meredith Vieira – all sporting big fake bellies and snack food in hand.

“They’re all freaking out,” Jones whispered to Hasselbeck.

Barbara Walters, who turns 73 on Saturday, asked the audience to guess which cohost was pregnant.

Screamed someone in the crowd: “Barbara!”

Hasselbeck, who is also a former Survivor: The Australian Outback contestant, then announced she was 13 and a half weeks along, with the baby due sometime around the end of March or beginning of April next year.

She also said she and her husband, Tim Hasselbeck, an NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins, didn’t want to know the sex of the child.