Stephen M. Silverman
June 02, 2003 10:00 AM

There was a case of mistaken identity in Tinseltown until last Friday, when Harrison Ford, of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” fame, got his star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

For years, the actor, 60, had assumed that the Harrison Ford star in front of the Musso & Frank Grill was meant for him — but it actually honors silent film star Harrison Ford, who died in 1957.

But all that’s been fixed now, reports the Associated Press. The living and breathing Ford got his own star, in honor of his new movie “Hollywood Homicide,” costarring Josh Hartnett.

Calista Flockhart, who’s been keeping company with Ford, helped with the unveiling, as did Ford’s mother and Steven Spielberg, who directed the “Indiana Jones” series. (A fourth installment has been announced, and Spielberg told reporters Friday that all systems were go, while Ford said he was still waiting to read the script.)

The location of the new star in the sidewalk is in front of the Kodak Theater, home to the annual Academy Awards ceremony.

“When I came to Hollywood, bearing the name I was born with, I went to register at the Screen Actors Guild and they told me — and it was news to me — that there was already a Harrison Ford and that I couldn’t use that name,” Ford said at the ceremony.

Although this Ford was forced to go as Harrison J. Ford for his small role in the 1967 Western, “A Time for Killing,” the guild eventually let him drop the initial.

“All of his work has been seen in every country on this planet and dare I say the earlier works are now being viewed on more distant ones,” said Spielberg, 56.

“Like the car that bears his name, Ford has stood the test of time as a modern-day hero and an old-fashioned movie star with all the tools of our most gifted actors and the talent to use them.”

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