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RIP Harold Ramis: Our 5 Favorite Scenes

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Harold Ramis, writer, actor, director and all-around funny man, passed away Monday.

While Ramis’s work writing and directing cemented his status as a comedy icon, he was just as comfortable onscreen as off. Here are five memorable scenes from the master of laughter.

1. Ghostbusters, 1984

Ramis’s deadpan pronouncement “Print is dead” was weirdly prescient in 1984, and his reading of “I collect spores, molds, and fungus” was one for the ages.

2. Stripes, 1981

Ramis summed up his deadpan appeal thusly: “I stopped being the zany I learned that my thing was lobbing in great lines here and there, which would score big and keep me there on the stage.”

3. Orange County, 2002

Ramis’s bit part as the inadvertently drug-addled Dean of Stanford in 2002’s Orange County was a great late-career reminder of his comedic powers. “Sean! You’re my same height. That is neat!”

4. Knocked Up, 2007 (NSFW language)

Ramis could be simultaneously warm and sardonic, which made him a great choice to play Seth Rogen’s dad in this scene from Knocked Up.

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5. Ghostbusters II, 1989

“You have a weak electrochemical bond!”

Honorable Mention

The way Ramis purposefully lies to Sigourney Weaver’s character about whether her ex has mentioned her, then surreptitiously scans her with his device is a thing of beauty. Rest in peace, Harold.

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