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Happy Ending for 'Matt & Ben' Actors

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“Ben Affleck” sent “Matt Damon” to the hospital with a broken nose — and that clearly wasn’t in the script, reports The New York Times.

The mishap occurred Friday in the Off Broadway show “Matt & Ben,” in which the two Hollywood alpha males are portrayed by actresses Brenda Withers (as an overly earnest Matt) and Mindy Kaling (as a somewhat dim Ben).

The two women wrote the show, but a broken nose during one of the fight scenes was not intentional, assures The Times. Audience members attending the performance heard an actual “thwock” as Kaling, 25, clocked Withers, 25.

After pausing, Withers left the stage — as well as some blood on the set’s sofa — and said to theatergoers, “I think we need an intermission.” She was then heard crying backstage but returned to finish the show before heading off to the Beth Israel Hospital emergency room, The Times reports.

Asked her immediate reaction to being punched in the nose, Kaling replied: “I thought, ‘So this is what it feels like to be punched in the nose.'”

Still, there was no sad ending for either actress. On Tuesday, The Times gave the show a glowing review, applauding its sense of the “absurd” and the “vicious.”

The plot suggests that Damon and Affleck did not actually write the Oscar-winning script for “Good Will Hunting.” Instead, it drops from the ceiling in Affleck’s apartment, leaving the fellows to argue about what to do with it.