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WATCH: YouTube's Hannah Hart Reveals How an Inside Joke Led to an Online Empire – and Who You Must Follow on Twitter

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Hannah Hart had no idea that what had started out as silly joke between her and her friend would later become the foundation of a blooming career.

“Back in March 2011, I made a video as a joke to a friend called My Drunk Kitchen and I sent it to her via YouTube because, to me, in 2011 YouTube was just a platform you used to send people things, not really, you know, create an entire new career path,” Hart tells PEOPLE in a video interview. “After that first My Drunk Kitchen, I started noticing that people wanted more and more episodes of this new ‘show’ so I decided to continue to make videos and make more content because I so enjoyed the relationship with the community that we were building.”

The 29-year-old YouTube star – who has since wrote and published her first book My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going With Your Gut, starred in the movies Camp Takota and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, does comedy tours, and has created a volunteer program called Have a Heart Day – is adding another project to her resumé.

“This year I’m so excited to announce a partnership with Barilla Pasta where we have made a wonderful new series called While the Water Boils, a series that’s all about sharing your passions with passionate people,” she says.”On While the Water Boils, I get to interview such amazingly positive and passionate people like Bill Nye, Wanda Sykes, Hebru Brantley, Rachel Zoe – people that have taken their passions and formed them into career paths, people that I admire a ton. And then, we get to eat pasta.”

Because Hart has almost 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, taking her social media advice is a must.

“If you guys don’t follow Carrie Fisher on Twitter, you are missing out” she says. “Her tweets give me life. It’s a festival for the senses.”