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People Staff
October 30, 2011 05:00 PM

Heidi Klum will bring her (glamorous) brand of frightful fun to New York City on Monday night, throwing a Halloween bash at the new Dream Downtown after a successful party in Las Vegas on Saturday.

The supermodel, who dressed as a dead person at her Sin City soiree, is known for her over-the-top annual Halloween parties.

“In our house it’s Halloween all year round,” Klum said at her Vegas bash. “It’s not as scary but [my kids] love dressing up. Look at their mom. She’s always dressing up.”

For her New York party, Klum will be serving guests an array of HobNob wines – which can all be paired up specifically with various candy.

“Candy and wine is an unusual combination and Halloween is by far the year s most unusual holiday,” Nicolas Ronteix, director of the brand’s French and Italian portfolio of wines, says.

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Curious how match the right wine to your favorite candy? Here are some pairings HobNob recommends:

Chardonnay: Try this oaky wine with fruitier candy like gummy fish, gumdrops or candy corn. But try to avoid citrus flavors or sour candies that will clash with the wine.

Inset: Venturelli/Getty

Shiraz: Think chocolate. The blackberry flavors in the wine pair harmoniously with milk chocolate and caramels or, best of all, chocolate-covered raisins.

Pinot Noir: Peanut and chocolate candies meld well with this wine, with the saltiness of the nuts bringing out rich flavors from the Pinot.

Merlot: Hints of licorice in this wine make it the perfect compliment for almost any candy.

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