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Halle Files Restraining Order Against Fan

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Halle Berry appears to have nothing but man trouble.

Besides recently splitting from her husband since January 2001, R&B singer Eric Benet – whom she wed shortly after her acrimonious 1992-96 marriage to baseball player David Justice fell apart – the Monster’s Ball Oscar winner, 37, has been forced to file a restraining order against a man who is allegedly stalking her and claiming to be her fiancé.

According to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by TV’s Celebrity Justice, “H. Maria Berry,” as she’s referred to in the papers, became concerned with the attention she was receiving from Greg Broussard, a 35-year-old Louisiana resident who has identified himself as a former Navy Seal.

“Mr. Broussard, a stranger to me, has imagined a relationship with me wherein he and I are engaged to be married and that my manager (Vincent Cirrincione) and publicist are preventing him from being with me,” Berry stated. “I do not know Mr. Broussard and do not wish to have any contact with him.”

The papers go on to say: “The threats he has relayed make me fear for my own safety as well as those who represent me. … Mr. Broussard has stated that he intends to become betrothed to Ms. Berry, and incorrectly believes that Mr. Cirrincione is Ms. Berry’s father.” Berry’s papers also claim Broussard “has stated repeatedly that while ‘he does not want to hurt anybody,’ he will not be prevented from meeting with Ms. Berry and Mr. Cirrincione.”

Cirrincione stated in the filing that Broussard has contacted him numerous times at his office and sent various gifts to be forwarded to Berry, including an engagement ring.

According to the documents, Broussard has tied up Cirrincione’s phone lines with a series of harassing calls, including one in which he claimed that “God told him to marry Ms. Berry.”

Berry, 37, who stars in the new movie Catwoman, told Oprah Winfrey on her show this week that she will “never, never” marry again, though she would like to be a mother someday.

She says that if she feels like having a kid, she’ll just ask the guy she happens to be with if he’d give her one.