Courtesy Glamour
Michael Y. Park
August 31, 2009 12:40 PM

Gwen Stefani isn’t the kind of rock star who is caught throwing back cocktails at clubs in the wee hours. Instead, the No Doubt singer is usually spotted out with her husband and young children at the beach or running on errands.

But Stefani isn’t ruling out having a wild time in the tabloids in the future.

“Maybe my crazy time is coming up,” she jokes in Glamour. “Let’s see what happens. Maybe I’m just a late bloomer.”

But on a serious note, the platinum-haired singer says it’s just not in her nature or upbringing to get into trouble – despite her over-the-top stage persona.

“I was thinking today when I was driving, ‘How am I going to make sure that [my son] Kingston never does anything bad and doesn’t get arrested?’ I was thinking, ‘How did I stay out of trouble?’ And I know it’s just ’cause my parents are so strict,” she says. “I mean, I’m still scared of them.”

As for the way her husband – musician Gavin Rossdale – handles parenthood, Stefani has nothing but kudos.

“I always thought he’d be a good dad,” she says. “And he has basically lived up to that and beyond, beyond. He’s very, very passionate, and he’s very intense. He’s made to be a dad. I’m very lucky.”

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