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Guy Ritchie Goes Out on the Town

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While his divorce from Madonna goes from bad to worse with allegations of each other’s failings, Guy Ritchie looked happy Thursday night as Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law took him out on the town.

The trio made a surprise visit to the White Cube Gallery in London’s tony Mayfair district for a private-view exhibition held by British artist Sam Taylor-Wood.

“Guy was in great form, hanging out with friends having a good time,” one gallery guest tells PEOPLE. “He seemed quite merry and had his arms around lots of people and smiling.”

Earlier in the day, Ritchie was seen directing Law, in a vintage three-piece suit and top hat, in a west London cemetery for the moviemaker’s update of Sherlock Holmes.

“Guy seemed quite happy being out and about with his friends,” adds the guest. “I think the distraction is just what he needed, especially the way he was smiling.”

Ritchie and his posse are now expected to head to Manchester in northwest England to continue filming for another week.

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