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Gregg Gets Sideswiped on Survivor

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FOOLED: The Koror alliance crumbled Thursday on Survivor: Palau, when 28-year-old Gregg Carey was sent to the jury after being ambushed by teammates Tom and Ian. Following his win for the reward challenge, Gregg took his Survivor sweetheart Jenn and fellow player Katie on a yacht cruise where the three plotted their road to the end. But back at camp Tom and Ian enlisted the help of odd-member-out Caryn, and decided to surprise Gregg, whom they felt was likely to go all the way. After forcing Katie’s hand in the voting, Gregg – and Jenn – was shocked to discover his game was ending. The season finale of Survivor: Palau airs May 15 on CBS.

BARGAINED: Sopranos actor Vincent Pastore, who played the character “Big Pussy” on the first few seasons of the HBO hit, is considering a plea deal on charges that he assaulted a former girlfriend, the Associated Press reports. If Pastore accepts, he will be sentenced to five days of community service, and will have to attend a batterers’ program. The deal was offered Thursday in a New York courtroom, but Pastore didn’t immediately accept it. “I didn’t do anything,” he told reporters. The incident occurred last month when the actor allegedly grabbed Lisa Regina and forcefully jerked her out of their car.

CANNED: Bruce Springsteen’s new album Devils & Dust may be one of the best-selling records in the country, but Starbucks decided the new release doesn’t go well with coffee. The coffee retailer, which has been establishing a growing presence in the selling and marketing of music, declined to feature The Boss’s new record, partly because of explicit lyrics, Reuters reports. The album comes with a warning sticker, which the president of Starbucks Entertainment said “was one of the factors, but not the only reason,” not to promote the record.

JOKED: Former Saturday Night Live funnyman Jon Lovitz may return to his joking roots in a new reality series currently in development, Reuters reports. The show, which has not yet been named, would feature a sort of Candid Camera-like premise, with Lovitz setting up subjects in surprising and unexpected situations. A pilot is being shot in Las Vegas in May. Lovitz currently has a guest-starring role on NBC’s drama Las Vegas.

DIED: Edgar Ponce, a popular Mexican television actor, was killed in an auto accident Thursday during the filming of an unauthorized commercial, Reuters reports. Ponce was riding a motorcycle that was hit by a car. The commercial’s producer had not secured police assistance for the filming. Col. David Hackworth, a soldier who later became a best-selling author, Newsweek columnist and TV commentator, died Wednesday at a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, The New York Times reports. He was 74. “Hack” was awarded a total of 91 medals, and wrote the popular memoir, About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior. He had been battling bladder cancer.