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Gordon Ramsay 'Upset' By Prince Charles's Pies

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byron purvis/admedia; Tim Rooke/Rex USA

Chef Gordon Ramsay has a new target for his famous temper: Prince Charles.

The Hell’s Kitchen star, who has notched up 12 Michelin stars and a string of successful restaurants, has condemned some of the prince’s line of organic produce for being “boring” and “processed.”

The Prince, 59, established Duchy Originals to market a wide range of organic foods – from oatmeal crackers to meat.

But Ramsay, 41, tells the magazine of the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, “I am upset with him. When I looked at his Duchy food I was gobsmacked, amazed, dumbfounded at what I discovered.”

Just what exactly is giving Ramsay these new Kitchen Nightmares? “The number of sodiums, and the sugar content, is embarrassing,” he said, also knocking the line’s high prices. “It’s boring, processed food. I don’t think the Royals should be producing food like that, even if the profits do go to charity.”

Duchy Originals’ boss Andrew Baker fought back on Monday, saying they were “proud” of “selling top quality, delicious products made from wholesome, natural ingredients, grown in a sustainable way.”