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Kelli Bender
December 17, 2013 11:00 AM

Google has released its list of the Most-Searched Popular GIFs of 2013. While no one can agree on the pronunciation of GIF (jiff?), everyone can agree that these clips make the world a happier place. See which celebs, cats and trends harnessed the power of the GIF this year.


10. Grumpy Cat

Credit: imgur/SynonymForAnonymous

9. Pitch Perfect

Credit: imgur/lizzbiobizz

8. Hump Day

Credit: imgur/sako9

7. Sassy

Credit: imgur/dolladolla_bill_yall

6. Loki

Credit: imgur/KingAragornofTARDIS

5. Thanks, Obama

Credit: imgur/theWolfPack

4. Feels

Credit: imgur/minor threat

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Credit: imgur/pearlb


Credit: imgur/wendus

1. Twerk

Credit: imgur/creepysnacks

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Liam Payne (left) with his One Direction bandmates
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