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From Pokémon to David Hasselhoff: Try Google's New April Fools' Day Features

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Before the rise of the Internet, we only had to worry about friends, family and coworkers trying to pull pranks on April Fools’ Day. Now, Google is in on the joke too.

Every April Fools’ Day the company releases a series of special features that are just a little too amazing or ridiculous to be true (still waiting for the real Search and Smell function, guys).

Before you fall for Google’s shenanigans again, here’s a peek at what they have in store this year.

Google Maps’s Pokémon Challenge

Calling all wannabe Ash Ketchums. Google Maps’s new mobile feature allows users to search out 150 Pokémon. Pikachu and friends frolic back to Pokéworld at the end of April 1, but users who capture more than five critters will be able to hold onto the addition until April 16. All you need to start a collection is the latest mobile version of Google Maps.

Gmail Shelfies

Go check your email, but first let’s take a selfie. Gmail users can now transform their account background to their finest selfie photo, and offer friends the chance to do the same. Shelfies, or Shareable Selfies, are Google’s way of turning your mug into the face of the World Wide Web.

Auto Awesome Photos

David Hasselhoff demonstrates Google+’s new Auto Awesome feature
Not everyone has the time to travel the world, eat fancy meals and go forth on daring adventures. Luckily, there is Auto Awesome. This feature promises to spice up everyday pictures on Google+ with spontaneous celebrity appearances. The first star to jump onboard is America’s favorite lifeguard, David Hasselhoff. Upload a new pic to see if the Hoff will slow jog his way in.

Google Chrome’s Translate to Emoji

If Beyoncé can be turned into a series of Emojis, than the rest of the world can too. Google Chrome now offers users the option to transform any English mobile webpage into emoji gold. Just grab the latest version of Chrome for mobile and start translating all those boring words into surfboards and dancing chicks.

YouTube New Trends

Planking is almost prehistoric; it’s time for the next viral video or photo trend, and YouTube and Google are here to help. After months of delicate research, the two have discovered the next bizarre fads primed to take over the Web.


Glub Glub Water Dance

Kissing Dad

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