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15 Awesome Golden Girls Items You Didn't Know You Needed


The Golden Girls ended its seven-year run nearly 22 years ago, but the show’s devotees continue to craft tributes to the beloved foursome.

When a hand-crafted Golden Girls Lego set (seen above) made its way around the Web before the holidays, we scoured Etsy for more fan art inspired by Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. Here are 15 must-have items.

1. This miniature replica of the girls’ Miami abode features details such as Sophia’s bamboo purse, Rose’s teddy bear Fernando and, of course, a cheesecake.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> house scale model</a>

2. There’s no need to choose whether you’re a Blanche or a Dorothy – this set has a mug for each.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> coffee mug</a>

3. Proof that nesting dolls aren’t just for kids.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> nesting dolls</a>

4. And neither are paint-by-numbers kits.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> paint-by-numbers kit</a>

5. You can thank everyone for being a friend with these notecards.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> note cards</a>

6. A cheeky nod to Sophia’s least favorite place.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> Shady Pines Athletic Department T-shirt</a>

7. This cross-stitch bears each character’s signature catchphrase.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> cross-stitch</a>

8. Frankly, so would we.

<a href="">I’d Rather Be Watching the Golden Girls T-shirt</a>

9. In case you were wondering what to pair with the above shirt.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> skirt</a>

10. Perfect for hot toddies.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> hand-painted glasses</a>

11. The girls as zombies … because why not?

<a href="">Zombie <em>Golden Girls</em> print</a>

12. This clock will ensure that you never miss a syndicated rerun.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> wall clock</a>

13. These cupcake toppers probably work for cheesecake, too.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> cupcake toppers</a>

14. The film we wish Tarantino would make.

<a href="">Kill Stan poster</a>

15. Hands down, the best nail art we’ve ever seen.

<a href=""><em>Golden Girls</em> nail-art decals</a>

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