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Gisele Bündchen Sued Over Gunshots at Wedding

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Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady may have a problem on their hands.

Five months after their second wedding ceremony in Costa Rica was allegedly interrupted by gunfire, two photographers who claim Bündchen and Brady’s security team fired at them have filed a complaint in Manhattan Federal Court accusing the couple of assault and battery. They are seeking $1,000,000 in damages.

The lawsuit, filed on Sept. 22, says that Yuri Cortez, the central American bureau chief of Agence France-Presse, and Rolando Aviles, a freelance photographer based in Costa Rica, were trying to photograph Brady and Bündchen’s post-wedding festivities on April 4 when security guards fired on them.

“Bodyguards are not supposed to be pulling out guns and firing at photographers,” John Paul Gleason, the attorney for the plaintiffs, tells PEOPLE. “That’s a no-no. It just shows terrible lack of training and supervision.”


In an interview with PEOPLE in April, Cortez said, “[A security guard] wanted to take my camera, my [memory] card, for me to show him the photos I had taken. And I told him no. I started walking and the guy grabbed my arm and pulled it behind my back. He grabbed my backpack too. And he told me that I couldn’t leave. I told him if he was the police, he could detain me but if he wasn’t any type of authority he couldn’t do it.”

Cortez continued, “They tried to block the road, so that we wouldn’t be able to leave, and my friend said, ‘No, forget it. Let’s get out of here.” As they sped off, Cortez says he heard a shot. “I heard the impact [on the back windshield] and when I looked into the mirror and saw that the guy had a pistol, I said, ‘Watch out the guy has a gun!’ When I heard the shot, I thought my friend had been shot. I thought they had killed my friend.”

He added, “I’ve been shot at before but only when I was covering the war in Iraq or when I was in Israel. This is ridiculous!”

Motivated by Money?

The model, 29, who is expecting her first child in December, had a different perspective on the evening’s events.

“We were all there and nobody heard anything!” Bündchen told PEOPLE in May. “The next day people were calling, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I didn’t even know it was happening. Later on, I was like, ‘What? What happened on my day?’ ”

She also had a theory about the photographers’ motivation. “My idea was this is [about the fact that] they couldn’t get a picture so they tried to make something up so they could make money with something,” she said.

A rep for Bündchen couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.