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Creepy Video: Did a Security Camera Capture a Ghost at This English Pub?

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A camera installed at one of the U.K.’s oldest pubs has captured what seems to be a ghostly apparition behind the bar, and the footage has captivated the British press.

The appropriately named Ye Olde Man & Scythe is the fourth-oldest pub in the U.K. It’s been standing in Churchgate since 1251.

According to the management, the pub’s surveillance system stopped recording around 6:18 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 14. When they went back to check the footage, they were confronted with the flickering image of what could conceivably be a ghostly figure standing in the center of the frame.

It may seem a bit like a viral marketing stunt for the as-yet unreleased Paranormal Activity: Britain film, but then again, if we were a ghost, you’d probably find us at the local bar.

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