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Geri Halliwell Takes Tube for First Time in 17 Years & Live Tweets Trip

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Courtesy Geri Halliwell

London’s tube got a dash of Ginger Spice on Wednesday.

Much to the surprise of fans – and other riders – Geri Halliwell attempted to blend in with fellow travelers as she took public transportation in London … and then breathlessly documented the experience on Twitter.

“Not so bad!!” she Tweeted, sharing a photo of herself posing with a newspaper underneath a sign displaying train times.

Next, Halliwell, 40, shared a photo of her posing by the subway station to show she survived the ride.

“Loved it!! I’m a Londoner! I’m liberated!!” she wrote.

Halliwell soon revealed why taking the tube – something more than three million commuters do every day without spectacle – was such a big deal: it had been more than a decade since she’d taken the train.

But for someone who hadn’t used the public transportation service in nearly two decades, she was quick to dole out advice to fellow riders.

“Tube tip – dews stops at platform entrance, or below sign, more seats at end carriage. oh & it’s not smelly just saying,” she wrote.

Although she navigated the underground system like a pro, the journey seemed to be a lot for the singer, who later confessed, “I’m knackered. London has worn me out.