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Nate Jones
February 05, 2014 01:00 PM

George Zimmerman is apparently employing the Tonya Harding strategy of fame management.

Just months after his acquittal of the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the former neighborhood watchman is getting into the celebrity boxing industry. His opponent? None other than bark-hungry rapper DMX.

Zimmerman reportedly told Radar Online the match was his idea. Before he shot Martin in early 2012, the Floridian says he was “doing boxing type training for weight loss.” Now he says he’s getting into the ring to stay fit – and raise money for charity. (He won’t say which one, for fear the negativity attached to him would sully its name.)

Zimmerman’s friends got him in touch with celebrity boxing impresario Damon Feldman, the man who arranged Harding’s 2005 bout with a waitress. The duo put out a call for challengers, and out of the 15,000 volunteers, settled on rapper DMX, leader of the Ruff Ryders.

“I’m going to beat the living f*** out him him,” DMX reportedly told TMZ. “I’m breaking every rule in boxing.”

He may have a chance even while following the rules: Zimmerman’s successful murder defense rested upon the idea that he was overpowered by Martin’s alleged attacks, and had no choice but to shoot the high-schooler in self-defense.

Still, Zimmerman is 13 years younger than the rapper, and would seem to have the weight advantage. If X doesn’t employ the rope-a-dope strategy, might we suggest executing the stop-drop-open-up-shop move?

Zimmerman and Feldman will announce the exact date of the three-round bout in a news conference Feb. 12.

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