Monique Jessen
November 04, 2005 02:00 PM

George Clooney, in London to promote his new movie Good Night, and Good Luck, apparently had a bad night and bad luck outside a London restaurant, where he got into a scuffle early Friday morning.

Witnesses saw Clooney, 44, leaving the after-party at the Floridita bar and restaurant through a side door just before 1 a.m. Meanwhile, Lisa Snowdon, Clooney’s former girlfriend who attended the party with him, left through the front entrance.

A witness tells PEOPLE that in the alley where Clooney had gone out, “I could see this brawl happening in front of me.” The source says the tussle lasted less than a minute.

London’s Evening Standard reported that the scuffle was between Clooney and a security guard who refused to help the star get to his waiting car and avoid paparazzi, an assertion denied by the actor’s rep, Stan Rosenfield.

“The reports published by the London Evening Standard regarding George Clooney are inaccurate,” said Rosenfield in a statement Friday. “George did not get into a fight with a Security Guard…. However, he did get into argument with someone connected with the movie. And while it had NOTHING to do with the paparazzi, it did have everything to with someone being unkind to a woman. While no punches were thrown, George told the person to knock it off.”

Clooney also released a statement Friday saying, “I won t stand by while someone is being insulted and maligned. No person I know would.”

He did not mention any specifics of what was said. A source tells PEOPLE that the run-in was apparently with a production person for the film who allegedly made a snide comment during the premiere. “Words were said as the pair left and that was (what started it),” says the witness.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Redbus Film, which is distributing Good Night, and Good Luck, tells PEOPLE, “This is a storm in a teacup. George had traveled a long way for the premiere and everyone was thrilled to see him and had a good time.”

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