Dahvi Shira
January 07, 2012 05:45 PM

Newlyweds Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, who dated for 28 years before tying the knot in October, aren’t as interested in romance as they are in sex.

The key to keeping their marriage active is to “put out,” the KISS rocker, 62, told Hollyscoop on Thursday. “Romance is interesting, but somebody much more prolific than I am put it better – she should be a Madonna in the kitchen and a wh–– in the bedroom.”

Tweed, 54, took no issue with her husband’s comments and even joked that she liked him insinuating she’s a “wh––.”

“[You have to] keep having sex in different ways,” Tweed, 54, explains of spicing up her love life. “Try to think of something new.”

Even the couple’s kids know not to question their parents’ antics in the bedroom.

“Thank god the children are grown up,” Tweed says. “As soon as they hear noise from upstairs, they leave the house. That’s good.”

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