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Garth Brooks Corrals Wal-Mart Deal

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Although Garth Brooks left the music industry in 2001, the country superstar is strumming his guitar once again – for Wal-Mart.

Brooks has signed an exclusive multiyear deal with the retail giant, in which he will sell his music only through its stores, including Sam’s Clubs and, Reuters reports.

The deal became possible after Brooks and his record label, Capitol Nashville, dissolved their relationship in June. Brooks, who owns the rights to his music, can arrange a deal with whomever he likes. Regardless, this is the first time an artist has elected to sell his entire catalog at one retailer.

It’s believed that the deal will cover only material Brooks has already recorded, since the performer said that he will not record new songs until his youngest daughter graduates from high school – in 2015.

Although Brooks said he wouldn’t discuss the details of the deal until he and Wal-Mart “get our ducks in a row,” some people close to the arrangement speculate that the one of the first items up for sale will be a Garth Brooks box set that includes previously unreleased songs.

The set is expected to hit shelves sometime in the late fall, Reuters reports.