Stephen M. Silverman And Lisa Marsh
October 02, 2003 10:38 AM

Janeane Garofalo played movie critic at this week’s Gen Art film festival premiere of her movie “Wonderland” in New York, reports PEOPLE.

Onscreen, Garofalo plays a murder victim, Inside the cineplex at the premiere, the actress, 39, protectively warned a prospective patron who looked to be heading into another screening room, “Don’t go in there. Don’t see ‘Cold Creek Manor.'”

“Don’t worry, I read the script,” a familiar male voice snapped back – a voice belonging to Val Kilmer, who actually stars with Garofalo in “Wonderland,” about the final down-and-dirty days of legendarily endowed 1970s porn star John Holmes, played by Kilmer.

During the exchange, Kilmer, 42, didn’t initially recognize his costar, until both had trashed the Dennis Quaid-Sharon Stone thriller.

“Janeane,” said Kilmer, laughing. “It’s you.”

“Who’d you think it was, telling you not to see ‘Cold Creek Manor’?” she asked, admitting, “It’s so rude.”

“It’s New York,” he said.

After the screening of “Wonderland” whose own advance reviews have been decidedly mixed, Kilmer, who played the Caped Crusader for but a single outing (in 1995’s “Batman Forever”), faced a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Of his latest screen character, Holmes (1944-88), Kilmer said: “He wasn’t a great actor, but he was a real world-class hustler. He hated his business and he loved his wife (Sharon, played in the movie by Lisa Kudrow). When she found out he was doing pornography, Sharon wouldn’t have anything to do with him anymore.”

“As he got further into the drugs,” added Kilmer, “she helped him anyway she could. When he fell in love with his girlfriend (Dawn Schiller, played by Kate Bosworth), she helped her too. He had this strange mission to get Sharon out of the trouble that he got her into.”

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