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Friends finale: Twins, Love and Coffee

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Ross and Rachel got each other, Chandler and Monica got twins, Phoebe and Michael got the idea to start a big family and Joey will move to L.A. – for his own spinoff series next fall.

And with that, the 10-year reign of Friends on NBC’s Thursday night “must-see” schedule came to an emotional end.

The biggest question, of course, was whether Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) would stay or leave for Paris once Ross (David Schwimmer) got up the gumption to confess his love for her.

After nearly missing her because she had boarded her flight, Ross managed to get more time when Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) phoned Rachel in her passenger seat to say she had a bad feeling about the flight.

“Something is wrong with the left filangee,” said Rachel, setting off panic on the plane that resulted in a delay.

But after finally confessing his feelings, a heartbroken Ross watched Rachel get back on board … only to eventually show up back at his apartment for possibly the biggest smooch of the series.

As for the two – count ’em, two – bundles of joy that befell Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox), they, too, were surprises, prompting Chandler to say, “This is one disgusting miracle.”

And then there were good-byes. “Awkward hug, or lame, cool-guy handshake,” Chandler asked Joey (Matt LeBlanc) before they warmly hugged.

The six each deposited their apartment keys on the kitchen counter before all of them, including Michael (Paul Rudd) and the baby twins (Jack and Erica), decided to go out for coffee. Only, as Chandler asked, “Where?”