September 26, 1997 12:00 AM

James Greenway Sr., who in 1954 made news worldwide because he dangled out of a commercial plane after the emergency hatch blew out beside him, died of a stroke in Seattle on Jan. 21, it was reported on Thursday. Greenway, an active-duty Army Reserve officer at the time he was flying to New York on a United Airlines DC-6, was embarrassed by the coverage he received. At the time of the accident, he managed to crawl back into the propeller plane and get hauled back into the cabin by the other passengers. (Ironically, news of Greenway came on the same day that the French News Agency reported the passing, at his home in Southern France, of Michael Navratil, 92, another survivor of an incredible journey. In Navratil’s case, it was the Titanic.)

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