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Forget Katy Perry! See Who Else Busted Out on Sesame Street

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Katy, meet Polly.

Long before a cleavage-baring Katy Perry, 25, sent parents into a tizzy for her recent rendition of her hit “Hot N Cold” alongside Elmo, Sesame Street featured a busty guest of its own creation: Polly Darton.

Modeled after Dolly Parton, the country singer known for her own ample assets, Polly Darton cropped up on the children’s program from 1981 to 1993.

Billed as “the sweetest little package in down-home country goodness,” Polly Darton parodied some of Parton’s greatest hits, including “9 to 5,” whose lyrics had been tweaked for the show’s preschool audience to “counting [from] 1 to 5.”

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And, like her muse, blonde bombshell Polly possessed a chest so large that today it could get her cast on Mad Men. Possibly in an attempt to put her across as something slightly more demure, however, Polly Darton was kept clad in a pink, neck-grazing dress – with a modest string of pearls.

Come to think of it, Sesame Street is not the only Muppet program to showcase famously curvy women.

In 1978, sexpot Raquel Welch appeared on The Muppet Show to deliver Peggy Lee’s hit “I’m a Woman.” Her duet partner? Who else: Her bosom buddy, Miss Piggy, in a matching white top with plunging neckline.