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Ford Defends 'K-19,' Promises 'Indy'

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Sounding a lot like a broken record, Harrison Ford once again defended the poor box-office showing of his Cold War submarine drama, “K-19: The Widowmaker.” But on a more positive note, he also confirmed that another “Indiana Jones” adventures is indeed in the works.

Speaking from France’s Deauville Film Festival, the star, 60, told reporters why he thought “K-19” sank with a thud on U.S. screens: “This is a very unconventional film for American cinema. It’s not a cowboys-and-Indians, good guys/bad guys movie. It doesn’t depend on the usual devices of submarine movies,” Variety reports.

As reported earlier this week, Ford was in Venice — where the paparazzi attached themselves to him and his companion Calista Flockhart, 36 — for that city’s film festival. While there, Ford said of “K-19”: “I do not consider the box-office showing to be a true measure of the effect of the film. I think it’s going to be around a long, long time.”

Continuing with his defense in Deauville, Ford stated: “These are men fighting against an invisible and insidious enemy that is not represented by another nation. It’s rather more complex and perhaps slightly more difficult for an audience. I think this film may find an easier reception in Europe and in other parts of the world than it did in the summer of 2002 in the United States.”

As to his future plans, particularly as they involve his doing a fourth Indiana Jones adventure that has long been reported to be in the works, the normally reticent star said: “Steven Spielberg and myself have reserved time in 2004 to begin shooting.”

Start cracking those bullwhips now.