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Mike Tyson Bites Back, Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear

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Apparently, Foot Locker has declared this the “Week of Greatness,” which involves a sale on shoes (or something). More importantly, they made this ad, in which “all is right with the world.”

That naturally entails the following: Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield’s ear – which the commercial claims he kept in formaldehyde – Dennis Rodman purchasing a one-way ticket to North Korea (a decision met with applause by the airport terminal agent and people in line), and Brett Favre finally “knowing when to walk away” from a breakfast plate at his local diner. Oh, and Craig Sager burns all his ugly sports coats.

We love that Holyfield and Tyson (who just released a new memoir) both agreed to the ad, and its existence also proves that Dennis Rodman has something of a sense of humor about himself, which this whole North Korea diplomacy thing had us seriously doubting at some point.