Royal Danish Airforce/Wenn
Alex Heigl
March 06, 2014 11:30 AM

Move over, Ellen.

This picture a Danish fighter pilot snapped of himself as he launched a missile clearly claimed the title of “Best Selfie Ever” long before Ellen DeGeneres ever directed Bradley Cooper into position for her record-breaking Oscar selfie.

Originally released in October 2012, the video and resulting photo show a member of the Royal Danish Air Force launching an AIM-9X missile from an F-16. (The missile was fired at a flare during a training exercise; no one was hurt. Well, except for the flare.)

The pilot used something called a Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, a nifty piece of technology that lets pilots operate weaponry with head gestures.

As The Aviationist reported, “Self-portrait photographs (nowadays known as ‘selfies’) have always been a must among fighter jocks and you can find thousands taken by military pilots in the most unusual flight conditions.”

We can’t wait to see how someone’s going to try and top this one.

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