April 03, 2003 01:50 PM

“Phone Booth” star and well-known Irish rogue Colin Farrell — who flirted with Katie Couric on the “Today” show this week and recently announced that American model Kim Bordenave is carrying his child — has told “Entertainment Tonight” how he wants that child raised.

“The world’s always been a strange place,” Farrell, 27, said. “Look at every decade. There’s always been war, there’s always been death, there’s always been sickness. I don’t know a f—ing thing about having a child, but all you’ve got to do — the most important thing — is bring that child up in as safe and loving an environment as you can. That’s the only thing I’m sure about.”

There have been published reports that Farrell wants Bordenave and baby to move to Dublin, so the child can grow up safely there.

In other parenting news, Jim Carrey’s ex-wife, Melissa Carrey, has asked a Los Angeles court to increase the actor’s monthly support payments for their daughter Jane, 15, according to the Smoking Gun Web site.

In court papers, the ex-Mrs. Carrey (the couple divorced in 1995) says that Jane, who wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, must survive on $10,000 a month, which means that she cannot afford her own bodyguards, personal trainer or Pilates equipment.

Jim Carrey’s camp could not be reached for comment, Reuters reports.

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