Lesley Messer
May 31, 2008 03:45 PM

The “Claymates” are showing an outpouring of support after a rep for producer David Foster confirmed to PEOPLE that Clay Aiken is fathering a child with David’s sister, music producer Jaymes Foster.

“OMG Clay Aiken is my Hero,” writes one fan on claymaniac.com. “I love him and wish him the best of luck!”

Adds another on the same site: “Now today I almost choked on my sandwich, Clay is going to be a father? And in three months? It blew me over. All I can say is ‘Congratulations!’ That is going to be one handsome and talented baby.”

Still, there were some doubts: “How can he have time with his baby if he’s always on a busy schedule. Like tours, CD releases, talk show[s]. Life becomes crazy with a baby.”

“I don’t know what to say – I am shocked and awed,” another person wrote. ” I don’t know what to think. It is going to take me a while, but I do feel a little different about it.”

Still, the majority of comments on fan sites and blogs were positive.

One person in the Claymates Yahoo group gushed, “I think the child would be so lucky to have them as parents. … This is their business and we should not be judging Clay or Jaymes.”

The page dedicated to Aiken on popular music widget iLike had also had supportive comments. Writes one fan, “Wow … I am kind of shocked. But Clay always wanted to be a father so good for him! It was just sudden news, I am still shocked … I wonder if his kid will inherit his pipes!”

Adds another: “Here’s a toast to Clay and Jaymes for the healthy arrival of their baby in August. This baby will be loved, however it came to be. “Lover All Alone” is a great collaboration with David Foster – and this will be a great collaboration with his sister Jaymes. Congrats!”

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