Brian Orloff
September 17, 2008 01:30 PM

Ty Pennington got a little roadside assistance from a young Extreme Makeover: Home Edition fan after running out of gas on I-75 outside of Newport, Mich.

The reality TV star waved down a passing motorist on Sept. 13 who, luckily, recognized Pennington and pulled over.

“He was flagging us down,” Diane Grassley told the Monroe News. “I usually don’t stop for strangers.”

Good thing her daughter Colleen, 16, was in the passenger seat.

“Mom, that’s Ty,” her daughter announced.

Indeed it was – and the two drove Pennington to a gas station up the road. They also gave him some homemade brownies.

“He was so nice and down to earth,” Grassley told the paper. “He didn’t act like his TV persona. He was really calm.”

To thank the family, Pennington posed for a picture with Colleen, and also wrote her a note, saying she was “awesome.”

“I didn’t really know what to say to him,” Colleen said.

Pennington told the family he was staying in the Detroit-area while working on a house in nearby Toledo, Ohio for his ABC show. The next day, the family drove to Toledo, where they showed off their photo with Pennington and talked to a security guard who let them into the neighborhood to watch the home’s unveiling from a VIP section.

Said Grassley: “I felt so privileged to be by the house where everyone else was behind barricades.”

See Ty’s hottest (and shirtless) photo spread!

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