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Fake Article

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#button_amount_crowdrise_widget div.crDonateWidget { margin-left: 0 !important; margin-right: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; height:78px; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonateWidget h4 { display: none; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonateTriangle { display: none !important;} #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crImageAndTitleOuter { display: none !important;} #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .CRShadowImage { display: none !important;} #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonateWidgetOuter { border:0 !important; box-shadow: none !important; -webkit-box-shadow: none !important; margin-top: 0 !important; margin-right: 0 !important; margin-bottom: 0 !important; margin-left: 0 !important; background: url(“”) 0 0 no-repeat !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonateWidget { margin:0 !important; box-shadow: none !important; -webkit-box-shadow: none !important; background-color: inherit !important; padding: 0 10px !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .startFundraiser { display: none !important;} #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .gradientButton { width: inherit !important; margin-bottom: 0 !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonated { margin: 0 !important; font: bold 14px/16px Arial,”Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,sans-serif !important; width: 185px; padding-top: 9px !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crLogo img { display: none !important;} #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .crDonatedLabel { display: none !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .gradientButton { background: none !important; -ms-filter:”progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=0)” !important; filter: alpha(opacity=0) !important; opacity: 0 !important; border: 0 !important; width: inherit !important; height: 21px !important; margin-top:15px !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .donateNow { font: normal 9px Arial,”Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,sans-serif !important; -ms-filter:”progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=0)”; filter: alpha(opacity=0); opacity: 0; border: 0 !important; width: inherit !important; height: 36px !important; margin-top:0 !important; padding-top: 0 !important; } #button_amount_crowdrise_widget .donateButtonOff { display:none; }