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Eva Mendes: I'm Just One of the Girls

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On-screen, she’s every guy’s fantasy, but in real life Eva Mendes says she’s a girl’s girl.

“I don’t understand women who don’t like being with the girls,” the actress, 34, tells Marie Claire for its September issue. “They say they’d rather be with the guys all the time? That it’s just so much easier? I’m calling bull—- on that.”

After starring alongside such leading men as Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix and Denzel Washington, Mendes says her upcoming role in The Women was a welcome change.

“Every morning I got up and thought, ‘I’m going to see Annette [Bening] today, I need to make sure she thinks I look cute,'” says Mendes. “Jada [Pinkett Smith]’s gonna be cute. Meg [Ryan]’s gonna be cute. I’d better be cute. I’m sure I sound like a ditz saying this, but it’s a girl thing. A timeless, ageless, ethnicity-less girl thing.”

Mendes, who spent time in rehab earlier this year, also talks about growing up poor. “I was raised by parents who didn’t have much. We didn’t use whole pieces of paper towel,” she tells Marie Claire. “We shared, or used rags. Mom didn’t even want us flushing all the time.”