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Ethan Embry Celebrates Rex Manning Day by Live-Tweeting Empire Records


Warner Bros./Everett

We mustn’t dwell on Rex Manning day (April 8), advises Ethan Embry’s character, Mark, in Empire Records. But, 19 years later, we can Tweet about it.

Tuesday night, Embry live-Tweeted a viewing of the 1995 cult classic, which follows a day in the lives of a group of indie record shop employees as they prepare for an appearance by washed-up pop star Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield).

Embry, who held a similar celebration for another one of his beloved ’90s teen flicks, Can’t Hardly Wait, in January, treated fans to his candid commentary on the movie, enlisting help from costar Johnny Whitworth.

So, where would Mark be today? “Probably in prison, or working at Spotify,” Embry recently told PEOPLE.

Some highlights from Embry’s Twitter viewing below:

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